The best strategies for retirees and soon-to-be retirees, small business owners, entrepreneurs and other high net worth individuals

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People of your father’s generation worked for one, maybe two, companies their entire life. When they retired, they received a pension and Social Security. In other words, they had guaranteed income for life. With a life expectancy of age 70, storms like inflation, stock market volatility, and taxes rarely affected them. 

But this is not your father’s retirement. Chances are you don’t have a pension. You have a 401k, an IRA, a 403b…an alphabet soup that puts the risk of investing on you. 

And not only must you weather the volatility of stock and bond markets, you must also protect yourself against the taxes that await your nest egg, the soaring cost of custodial health care, and the uncertainty of Social Security. 

In "Smart, Simple Wealth" Carrie Russom Quraishi, estate and wealth planning attorney, offers several insightful lessons to help you rescue your retirement from the forces that await it. 

Whether you are getting close to retirement or already retired, Carrie will teach you how to develop an integrated plan that will give you the confidence and peace of mind during your retirement years.

What You'll Discover...
  • The best proactive tax planning strategies for business owners, entrepreneurs and other high earners to minimize your taxes;
  • ​The basics of reducing or eliminating the taxes and fees owed on your retirement savings;
  • How to plan your estate to avoid the expenses, delays and hassles of probate;
  • ​How to protect your loved ones from accidental disinheritance, future divorces, predators & creditors;
  • How to maximize your rate of return while minimizing risk;
  • ​How to plan your money for a long retirement so you don’t run out of cash while you are living your life (but enjoy maximum spending without sacrifices at the same time!);
  • ​How to protect your nest egg from the devastating costs of long term care... AND MORE! 
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